Stephen Cornford


My work stems from an abiding fascination with consumer audio electronics: how these devices that we are sold to consume music and images increasingly frame our engagement with the audio-visual world at large. Reconfiguring these media from the inside, re-imagining their functionality, defying their obsolescence and searching for their intrinsic poetry are for me strategies with which to challenge normative use, social conformity and the myth of technological progress. The work inhabits both gallery and gig, taking the forms of kinetic installation and process-based performance by turns, always searching for situations in which the material; whether solid, spatial or sonic; controls the outcome as much as myself.

I am currently a Research Fellow at the Sonic Art Research Unit of Oxford Brookes University, where I co-direct the annual Audiograft Festival with Paul Whitty. I studied sculpture at the Slade School of Fine Art before completing a Masters in Time-Based Arts Practices at Dartington College of Arts.

Recent solo exhibitions include Lydgalleriet (Bergen), Campbell Works (London) and Permanent Gallery (Brighton). My work has been included in a large scale retrospective of Sound Art at ZKM Centre for Media & Art, the Mediations Biennale in Poznan and has been purchased for collections on Germany and Poland.

My audio works have been released by Senufo Editions (IT), Accidie Records (US), Another Timbre (UK) & Cathnor (UK) and as a musician I have established ongoing collaborations with Samuel Rodgers with whom I curate the Consumer Waste record label, Ben Gwilliam and Patrick Farmer & Sarah Hughes.






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